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Publish:2010-2-2 10:13:00  Total:4082

   To best promote Ginde in Indian market, We, Ginde Plastic Pipe Industry Group, attended PlumbexIndia`10 in accosiation with our agent Kundan held in Mumbai from Feb. 05, 2010- Feb. 07, 2010!

   We successfully met a variety of customers from throughout the country, ranging from plumbing consultants&contractors, architects&interior designers, real estate developers&builders, dealers&traders, distributors&wholesalers! Thanks to our partner, we believe we did an excellent job in exhibition preparations, decorations and performances, which is extraordinarily impressive! So far the feeback and response is far exceed our expectations, though it is still too early to draw a conclusion! However, Undoubtedly, 2010 will witness a much stronger presence of Ginde in Indian market!

  Herein we sincerely take this opportunity to send a message to each and every of our potential customers:Come on, Join Ginde! Let’s make a difference together!

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