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REMS and Ginde designated as strategic partner
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REMS and Ginde designated as strategic partner

REMS –WERK Christian F?ll und S?hne Gmbh & Co KG and Ginde Plastic Pipe Industry Group announced on 21th August 2007 that it has been designated as a Strategic Partner in their global marketing process.
As a strategic partner, REMS will assist Ginde in providing excellent pipe working tools also technical advances in both R&D activities and quality control system. It will ensure Ginde pipe systems installed by REMS tools perform perfectly: safe use, robust design, simple operation and durability. As Director of Ginde Group, Mr. Nicolas Fan Yang said "German production line plus German pipe tools, Ginde pipe systems now have accuracy and function as German quality"
REMS, the famous tool maker, founded in 1909, have been developing products for the pipe working, especially for sanitary and heating installers.
In addition, REMS development engineers have persuasive, groundbreaking ideas which ease the daily routines of the installations professional. They have all the significant requirements in their focus and use all their comprehensive practical experience.
The stipulation of the company founder Christian F?ll "REMS must be superior" has always been the benchmark of their actions.
REMS will increasing the brand influences in Chinese market by attending Ginde’s series of large-scale market activities and also Ginde’s? mature distribution channels.


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