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Ginde is Applying Watermark Certificates
Publish:2010-1-19 17:07:00  Total:3757

Ginde is Applying Watermark Certificates

As a high tech leading pioneer of chemical plastic pipe manufacturer in Asia, we, Ginde has not only to improved quality of pipes but also extent fame of high standard globally. The products will pass AS/NZS Standard AS4176 & AS4020 and awarded certificates shortly. AS/NZS Standard is one of the most strict and authoritative standard in world.
AS/NZS Standard prescribes tests for analyzing the suitability of products for use in contact with drinking water, with regard to their effect on the quality of the water. Testing focuses on wetted parts only. It is applicable to metallic and non-metallic products such as pipes, taps, fittings, components, hot water units and materials used in coating, protection, lining, jointing, sealing and lubrication applications in the water supply and plumbing industry. The hot water tests apply where water has the potential for human consumption, food preparation, utensil washing and oral hygiene.?


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